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Audio Samples

NEW!! MP3 Audio!

Here are some digitally-mastered audio samples of Dave Maize Acoustic Bass Guitars (see notes below for info on recordings.) Try to listen to them through quality speakers or headphones. The wav files are uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1kHz format. Try MP3 or RealAudio™ format for a faster download, with a small sacrifice of audio quality. The zip files let you get all three samples in one download, but you must have software available to unzip the files such as WinZip™ or StuffIt™.

Recording Notes

These samples were recorded in Sean Ennis' house in Ashland, Oregon in 1996. The performance took place in a bedroom with wood floors and no sound treatments of any kind. The instruments are not amplified or processed in any way.

Musician: Marty Ruddy
Engineer: Sean Ennis



CoolEdit v.1.34 by Syntrillium


SoundBlaster 16


Mackie CR-1604


Shure SM-58

Hard Disk Drive:

Maxtor IDE

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Last Edit: 10/2/2020