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New Wood Choices | Steel-string Guitars Now Available | MP3 Audio Samples of Basses


Several new woods are now available in bass and guitar sizes for those ordering instruments as well as for luthiers searching for that unusual material to try out. Most all of these new woods come from reclaimed sources.

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Very nice stuff. Some pieces exhibit a faint pinkish swath of color.This wood is cut from trees which were either bug-killed or fire- killed


This is a beautiful creamy brown wood, lighter in color than black walnut.It is very stable and bends nicely.It comes from two different sources, either from orchard trees or from street trees which had to be cut down.

BAY LAUREL-( Myrtlewood)

A great back and side material - ranging in color from golden- yellow to light grey. Available with flame figure or a striped ribbon figure. Bends nicely and machines well. Tonally, bay laurel is similar to mahogany with a warm tone, that is, not accenting the higher frequencies as much as some woods. Native to California and Oregon .


From a huge tree in the Southern Oregon Cascade range which finally reached the end of its life. This is an experimental guitar wood for me although it has been use by other luthiers - I want to see how it performs as soundboard material. It is stiffer and stronger than the spruces so it could be thinned more than the typical spruce top. A material worth checking out.


Reclaimed from older orchard trees . Blond to very light pink in color.Fine, close-grained wood. Works nicely with machine and hand tools. Traditionally used for violins and classical guitars.


Reclaimed from fire-killed old growth trees. A very stiff, stable,highly resonant blond cedar. Generally stiffer than spruce. Highly aromatic with a ginger -like smell.


Harvested from old-growth blowdown trees in SE Alaska. Fine-grained material.


This wood came from several street trees that had to be taken down. It’s similar in color and density to Bigleaf Maple and has very distinctive cross-grain rays when cut perfectly quartersawn. Bends well and works nicely.


An Auditorium Model, Dread Model, Jambo Model (photo available soon) and a Baritone Steel String guitar (photo soon) are now available.
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MP3 Audio Samples of Bass Guitars

In response to the growing popularity of the MP3 (MPEG - Layer 3) audio file format on the World Wide Web, you can now hear audio samples of three different acoustic bass guitars made by Dave Maize. MP3 allows for high-fidelity with a small file size, so downloads are a lot quicker, but still sound good! Other high-fidelity formats are available, including standard full-bit WAV, and RealAudio™. If you aren't already set up to hear the samples, there is also a link to an Audio Help Page to help you get set up to enjoy audio online. - Sean Ennis, Website Developer

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